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From the words of Lead Artist and Design
We keep each other safe. We keep each ot

Fanm Saj joined Forward Together for a 5 month long Cultural Strategy campaign to uplift​ Mamas Day.  We experimented using art, storytelling and other means to shift the way our communities imagine, engage, conceptualize mamahood. 

The Sacred Ori Affirmation Card Deck was birthed in these bi-weekly calls with other organizations within the Strong Families Network. We experimented with sharing our stories, practiced peer coaching and supported each other! 

Since January 2020, Fanm Saj knew that we wanted to create a tool to uplift and educate Black Families on healing tools that is grounded, connecting with nature, which will allow for self healing to actualize. Moving with our mission: We wanted to make sure the the Sacred Ori Affirmation Card Deck can be used as a social, political, spiritual and wellness tool for healing to occur starting with Black mamas.

Fanm Saj is led by the founder, director and visionary Ruth Jeannoel! Ruth works daily to catch communities in the ways that midwives catch babies. This card deck is a way to do that -- and offering to the community during this pandemic to stay grounded and rooted in a self-love and commitment to good character. Ruth was able to do this with the support of a lot of people who believed in her vision. And this would not have been possible without the magic of Jeanna Cherry’s work. Jeanna, also known as Sage Satori, is an artist in South Florida who is committed to illustrating the beauty, softness and freedom of dark skinned Black people and the future we all deserve. Check out the zoom link to the Sacred Ori Release party and learn more about the story behind the Sacred Ori Card Deck!











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The cards are here 🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾 and we c
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