Quarantine & Heal - Youth Edition 

In the Spring of 2020, Fanm Saj invited its partners, Collective Sistahood, Melanated Essentials, Cherades Youth Theater Project, Pillow Talks of South Florida and Spiritual Essences, GEM Culture and Powerhouse Holistic Health Education Organization to develop an innovative interactive virtual program to support youth with distressing and addressing their individual concerns during this collective trauma experience.

Quarantine & Heal is a 4-week virtual program that teaches a diverse range of Black youth, ages 13-24 and from different backgrounds and cultures, about Social Justice and offers interactive holistic wellness activities that offer healing justice to our youth. Over 100 youth have been impacted by this programming youth leadership programing since the Spring of 2020.

Spring 2021, Cohort #3 is now complete.  We were able to expand our network of partners and volunteers with Collective Sistahood, Black Alliance for Just Immigration, The Golden Black Sheep, Fondasyon Zaka, Amelia's Garden, Spiritual Essences, Cherades Youth Theater Project, Yoga with Amanda Bazil, and Cultural Historian Dr. Gilles.


On May 8th, 2021, we will be hosting a Youth Showcase to give the youth leaders an opportunity to share with the community what they've learned through out the Quarantine and Heal programming. 

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Thank you to our Quarantine & Heal Youth Showcase Sponsors:

Rara Lakay Nou Red Net

Florida Rising

Power U Center for Social Change

Southern Birth Justice Network

Third Wave Fund.