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#2020Vision for Fanm Saj = Leadership Development

Fanm Saj envisions a world where Black and Brown families and youth have the power and support to live in safe and spiritually, mentally, physically healthy communities. We do this by providing families across the African Diaspora with cultural and wellness tools as well as social and political resources to nourish themselves, families and communities.

One of the tools that we share with individuals, is the tool of Restorative Justice circle keeping. This year we’ll be staying on track with our 2020 vision by partnering with local and national organizations Building a Youth Restorative Justice Ecosystem in South Florida.

Summer 2019, Fanm Saj trained about 30 youth in circle keeping. Here's a snapshot from one of our Youth Peace Keeper Trainings!

Follow us on our journey on social media:

Twitter and Instagram: @fanmsajinc

If you are interested in learning more or to get involved email

Thank you to Third Wave Fund for Financially Supporting Fanm Saj Youth!

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