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Save the Date #GiveMiamiDay

On November 21, 2019 the Miami Foundation will add a bonus to any donate that is made of $25 or more. Will you support Fanm Saj on Give Miami Day?

Breathe In… and Breathe out…Grounded in Wellness and Community, 

It is my pleasure to announce that Fanm Saj will be participating in #GiveMiamiDay on Tuesday, November 21, 2019 and we hope that we can count on your support. 

As a new organization, Fanm Saj spent it’s first year, getting to know our Miami and South Florida Community.  

The work of Fanm Saj has been incredibly important as we seek to be one of the first organizations committed to really investing in communal and healing practices as we move towards social justice, bridging this gap and practicing transformational justice. With our holistic approach, we give communities  the gift of having autonomy in their healing process and teaching families, organizations and individuals how to utilize self-determination.

Fanm Saj creates and convenes Safe Spaces so that individuals can build empathy and create community for themselves  and in turn receive new information to bring back to their communities. We preach and practice  healing as a cultural norm, and with this, society can only become stronger, safer and healthier.

As a young organization we actually depend on your support to continue to foster the leadership of Black and Brown communities. Will you donate to support Healing Justice in South Florida? Click HERE to pledge to give on #GiveMiamiDay November 21, 2019. Your donation will help our organization continue to build the foundation of centering wellness in our daily practice towards a more healthy world.

With Gratitude,

Ruth Jeannoel

Founder&Executive Director

Fanm Saj, Inc.

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